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dark. hours

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My indie game. Dark hours is in development Play demo at

yell me the unity idears here

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 telllll me here

shoot man

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the house

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hi guy i have two competition the year


number 1 is to tell me your minecraft server enter just make a account on the web site and then comment on my member  page like this

 minecraft use name e.g. notch..

 e.g. server 66.00.66644

...the wining server will be the channles main server for the channle

number 2 is not make a lego statue of minecraft and post it on my google+ account mebradhen mere and post a picture on it




..the winer will play with me on a server on some day and will have his lego picture posted on google+



after 160 post for both it will close

all the best from mebradhen

ok guy here is the vidoe

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ok go to mebradhen for more games like slender man and minecraft